How to build faux stone panels that look natural

Fake rock walls, or more commonly called "faux stone panels," are very large, temporary walls that you can build for many reasons, hence why they are called "fake." They are useful for many things but are essentially for decoration purposes or used by entertainers or magicians in plays, theaters or special events that would want a temporary wall. The catch about them is how they actually look realistic and as if they were there all along. They require a lot of work and creativity to do, so the larger a number of hands to help, the better for you.
The fake wall we are going to build is made of sturdy paper, but you can use many materials and let your creativity flow. By starting with the basics, however, we recommend following these materials for now.
Required: Sturdy paper Packaging tape Water Tarp Bucket Spraying Can Hand gloves Brush Scissors or razor blade Portland (cement without rocks) textured spray paint
Building the wall

With a staple gun, hang the sturdy pa…